Ben Levin's RPM Update #2

I had a huge breakthrough while working on my sound map this weekend. 

For anyone who missed my first post, I'm making a non-objective oriented visual music experience (a music video game I guess,) in which you explore a forest and generate a piece of music while doing so.  

 I sent out an Alpha version to some of my pals and noticed that people were generally just not having a ton of fun playing it.  They didn't hate it, but they weren't that enthused.  

I think the more interactive I can make the experience, the more people will feel engaged when they participate, so I started learning how to procedurally generate meshes with mouse clicks.  In other words, I learned how to make it so that when you click your mouse, magic music balls appear!  Now players can create music with mouse clicks in the experience.  Here is a screenshot of the balls: