Ben Levin's RPM Update #1

Last year I made a concept album called 'Sea Stories' for the RPM challenge.  I loved the process and wanted to do it again this year, but since I've released Freak Machine just this month, I don't want to release another album so soon.  Instead, I'm making a virtual world that generates music as you explore the landscape.  It's like a video game, but there are no objectives and the main attraction is the audio.

My goal is to send out a beta version by the end of the month and release the completed experience in March.  To me the RPM challenge is about decimating procrastination and living up to a higher standard of productivity as an artist.  So even though this project is not an album, it still forces me to learn a lot and make this virtual reality a reality!

Email me at if you'd like me to send you the Beta version when it's ready.

Here are some screenshots of the music map so far: