Secret Dog Brigade

Secret Dog Brigade is a Boston based, co-op style record label founded in 2014.  Created to unite a diverse yet related group of artists, SDB aims to release cutting edge content while fostering a sense of community, and strengthening the local music scene.  

The Artists Behind SDB

Ben Shot.jpeg


Guitar & Vocals

A passionate musician and multi-media artist. Dedicated to creating music and delivering it in new ways, Ben continues to push the envelope on composition, interdisciplinary art, and improvisation. An aficionado of storytelling, his day and night dreams have culminated into long-form conceptual pieces, some which have been released as  Ben Levin Group's studio albums; Pulse of a Nation (2010), Invisible Paradise (2012), Freak Machine (2015), and Foreverman (TBA). 

An unforgettable character and a charming friend, you can find Ben's alter ego "Fake Doctor Levin" on his YouTube channel. His channel boasts over 15 hours of instructional content for guitarists and composers. Ben's current obsession is virtual reality, and he is learning to code and create his own digital landscapes to accompany the soundscapes of his compositions.

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A contemporary violinist and composer living in Rockport, MA. The Berklee graduate’s recent credits include collaborations with The Dear Hunter, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Amanda Palmer, Dropkick Murphys, Art Decade, Wheat, Om Frequency, Symmetry, Honey Circuit, Sean Roldan, and Jherek Bischoff. He currently performs with Bent Knee, Ben Levin Group, Qwill, Guy Mendilow Ensemble & the Video Game Orchestra

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Vocals & Keyboards

A haunting vocalist armed with a keen ear and an affinity for the musical vanguard. Born and raised in Japan, Courtney is a hodge-podge of artistic and cultural influences. Though her musical roots lie in classical piano, Courtney's sonic identity has grown to represent a plethora of styles and emotions. Her most prominent "shrieking banshee" moments are manifest in the climaxes of Shiny Eyed Babies (2014) by Bent Knee and Freak Machine (2015) by Ben Levin Group. The tender and dreamy side of her musicianship is a large component of her work as a solo artist, which launched in 2013 with her first album Claws of the Beasts Inside (2013).

Courtney currently resides in Providence RI. When she manages to escape her email inbox, she writes, performs, and collaborates with local and regional artists. Her hobbies are yoga and cooking tasty food. 

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Drums, Vocals & Guitar

A lifelong music addict with a flair for the absurd and theatrical. Gavin W.A. is a drummer trapped in a multi-instrumentalists body. His drumming has been described as “boxes falling down the stairs of a Mayan temple” by an engineer and “Persistent” by a bandmates father, his guitar playing has been described as “in tune” by his tuner, and no one comments on his keyboard or vocal abilities.

You can find him involved in Bent Knee, Justice Cow, and Ben Levin Group. If you squint hard enough you can even see him up onstage with Mr. Gavin’s Meat Farm (he’ll be the one leading the band).

Gavin has done things and been places, and has plans to continue doing so until he and the universe reach a mutually agreeable place to end things and go our separate ways.



Bass & Vocals

Jessica has been playing bass guitar since she was asked to join an all-girl band in 7th grade, and "guitar was already taken." Jessica hunkered down and learned all the names of her 4-strings. It wasn't easy, but by the end of high school she was "pretty okay at bass," and her walking bass lines were "fine." Throughout Berklee College of Music, Jessica changed her focus to songwriting and wrote a shit-ton of songs.  Jessica loves music, especially anything involving Sufjan Stevens and will tell you that any chance she gets. She plays and sings with Justice Cow, Bent Knee, and That One Eyed Kid.


Keyboard & Vocals

Josh has been playing the piano for as long as he can remember. He formed a klezmer-rock band with his hebrew school friends in 7th grade and has been playing in bands ever since. While studying at Boston University, Josh played keyboards for Kiesza, The Fates and Ben Levin Group as well as others. When he is not writing and performing as ThatOneEyedKid, he loves songwriting and producing with local artists. His most recent work includes the folk-pop singer songwriter Jenna Lotti's debut album "Tunnel Vision."

He currently teaches private piano lessons in Boston MA, and over the web. He doesn't consider himself much of a hipster until you ask him about how he takes his coffee (black, brewed in a Chemex).



Though Kyle was always a drummer, his rhythmic studies and passion for drums began in college where he performed and led nationally competitive drumlines and percussion ensembles. Influenced by the complex rhythmic and dynamic approach of marching percussion, Kyle began exploring rhythm, drums, and the creative ties between the two.  Through the process, he has developed his own unique drumming style; one that merges static, dense rhythms with a constant feeling of groove. 

In Secret Dog Brigade, Kyle performs with That One Eyed Kid, Mr. Gavin's Meat Farm, and Ben Levin Group. A part-time instructor of the Boston College Drumline, he also offers private instruction to students in the Boston metro area.

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Production & Synths

Vince Welch is a producer, engineer and person.  A native of Frederick MD,  Vince is a huge fan of Kurt Vonnegut and Radiohead.  His hobbies include jogging and cheese, but he also enjoys writing brief, one paragraph autobiographies. 

In the studio, Vince produces and mixes for Bent Knee and Ben Levin Group, amongst others.