About RPM Blog!

RPM stands for "Record Production Month"

This is in reference to the RPM Challenge for musicians and artists.

Originally created by The Wire magazine, the RPM challenge is in its 10th year. The gist of the challenge is to record 10 songs or 35 minutes of music during the month of February. Though participants are encouraged to also write the musical material during February, they are allowed to include previously written songs as long as the songs are unreleased. The RPM Challenge is an amazing opportunity to exercise and fine-tune one's artistic process. There is no prize or fame involved in the RPM; just a fulfilling sense of growth and satisfaction! You can read more in the FAQ section of the RPM Challenge website

 In the last few years, Ben has released Sea Stories, and Courtney has released Claws of the Beasts Inside; both of which were recorded as part of the  RPM Challenge. This year, to celebrate the launch of Secret Dog Brigade, we've rallied a gang of SDB artists to take on the RPM Challenge! You can find their updates here.