Jessica is doing the RPM challenge and boy is she sweating

The RPM challenge, for those of you who don't know is a call to musicians to write and record an album (10 songs or 35 minutes of music) in the shortest month of them all.

Jessica attempted to complete the RPM Challenge in 2014 and didn't finish. BUT 2015 IS A NEW YEAR and she is ripping through her 10 songs. Jessica said in an interview "I don't even know if it's 35 minutes, because the songs aren't all the way written yet".  So, how far is Jessica into this crazy challenge? She said, " I've written all the lyrics and finished that about February 15th. But the music keeps changing and evolving. I am finding it really hard to focus and finish one song, I keep working a little on each song. So the work is very slow." How sure are you that you'll finish this time? Jessica said " I'm pretty effing sure, I grew up to be a professional procrastinator and so I can see the finish line, it's far but I'll make it. Whether or not what I come out with will be good quality music, is another story"