Improv Potluck XIV @ The Record Co

Secret Dog Brigade will host the next iteration of the improv potluck on Thursday, March 5th at The Record Company. Music will start at 8pm, and for those relatively new to the world of free improvisation, Chris and Ben from SDB be hosting a brief clinic on the subject at 7.

The game is simple. Musicians bring instruments and drop their names into a hat. Names are drawn at random, ensembles are formed, and each group, with no prior discussion, has five minutes to create a completely new piece of music. The result of this on-the-spot creativity is extraordinary, and those who take part leave feeling refreshed, inspired, and full of new compositional ideas and musicians to collaborate with. 

Free improvisation is one of the most rejuvenating and rewarding artistic endeavors we at SDB have taken part in. It's an empowering exercise, and we've seen some serious magic happen in the two years of hosting the event. Come to play or to listen, and expect to walk away with a strong sense of creative fulfillment. Music is our religion, and this is our church. Come make some noise with us.

Oh, and mark your calendars: we'll be migrating back to The Space for Improv Potluck XV on Saturday, April 4th.

960 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02118
BYOB | 7PM | $15 suggested donation