“Mr. Gavin’s Meat Farm is a pretty good band. They’ll do okay”
— President William McKinley

In an ideal world, Mr. Gavin's Meat Farm is what top 40 radio would sound like if David Lynch, Charles Manson, Dick Van Dyke, and John Waters called the shots. However, this is far from an ideal world, there are children starving in the streets and we still have yet to develop a zero calorie candy bar.

Mr. Gavin is a strange musician with sad eyes fronting a group of sad musicians with strange eyes. The music moves around in odd places, and by the end no one is quite sure whether or not they really liked it.

On stage there is yelling and hitting, once the whole audience was made to go outside. Members of the audience that night said that they would never forget that show. Plans are being made to interview them on their eventual deathbeds to see just how true that is.

Their first EP, titled "Episode IV", was released in 2010. There are plans for more releases, but then again there are also supposedly plans for world peace.

©Kathryn Bilinski

©Kathryn Bilinski